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What Are the Benefits of Pulling a Part at Junkyards?


The junkyards are a great place to source high-quality auto parts for less. Instead of paying full price for new parts, drivers can save substantial amounts of money by pulling parts at junkyards near me salvage yards. There are many advantages to sourcing recycled OEM parts this way.

 Convenience of Pulling Your Own Parts

One of the best things about pulling parts from Junkyard Near Me in Savannah, Tennessee | Raceway Pik-A-Part (upullandsave.com) in Savannah, Tennessee | Raceway Pik-A-Part (upullandsave.com) is the ability to remove parts yourself. Rather than having to wait while a counterperson fetches the parts you need, you can browse the inventory yourself to find what you’re looking for. This allows you to examine parts closely for damage before purchasing.

 Wider Selection of Parts

If you pull apart yourself, it opens up a wider selection of available parts. When you order parts at the counter, you’re limited to only the parts they have tagged and logged in their inventory system. But when you explore the yard yourself, you have access to every part still remaining on the thousands of vehicles in the yard.

OEM quality parts

The parts available at junkyards are original equipment manufacturer (OEM) components. These are made to the original specifications for fit, form, and function as designed by auto manufacturers. This means excellent compatibility and performance when installed on your vehicle.

Environmentally Friendly Recycling

Using recycled auto parts is beneficial for the environment. Each part pulled from a junkyard vehicle represents one less part that needs to be manufactured. This reduces energy consumption, pollution, and resource use required to produce new components.

Locating the parts you need

The key to pulling parts successfully is finding one or more donor vehicles with the components you need. Quality salvage yards have inventories in the thousands, making it likely you’ll locate compatible parts for cars.

Tools needed for removal

Pulling parts yourself requires being equipped with the proper tools. This usually includes common hand tools like wrenches, sockets, pry bars, and screwdrivers. Power tools like electric impact wrenches can speed up removal as well.

Easy to Learn with Guidance

Those new to pulling their own parts can benefit from the guidance offered at most self-service junkyards. The staff working there know the vehicles well and can assist you in finding what you need. Many also provide reference manuals and even help troubleshoot the removal of certain tricky components.
Start with easier, more accessible parts to get the hang of how vehicles are dismantled. Removing exterior trim and accessories helps you gain confidence before tackling more complex mechanical parts. And don’t be afraid to ask for a hand when attempting to extract your first engine or transmission!


Pulling parts yourself at self-serve junkyards offers many perks for drivers in need of auto parts. The ability to hand-select quality used parts at a low cost makes it an appealing option over paying full price for new components. A little time invested in parts hunting and removal can yield major savings on OEM parts with plenty of functioning life left in them. Visit for more details: 99math

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