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10 Best MIDI Controllers for Live Performances

MIDI Controllers

If you are a beginner, live performance can sometimes be stressful and filled with anxiety. You need to have the best performance to boost your brand. However, there could be more challenges like cost and lack of incentive to perform. Instead of hiring all the instruments, why not get MIDI controllers? This way, you can amaze the crowd with the best audio quality, and you do not have to spend the costs of hiring instruments. Remember, the audience size may also not be too big; hence, cost reduction should be a concern. 

MIDI controllers are perfect for such needs because they integrate various instruments into one piece of equipment, enabling you to produce an electric show with limited instruments and crew. They come in multiple sizes, and not all will be suitable for live performances, so you must consider the smaller size and affordable options.  

In a market filled with various options, the selection is stressful since everyone has pros and cons. For time-saving purposes, here are some controllers you can buy.

LUMI Keys Studio Keyboard 

When performing before an audience, you need a keyboard that adds aesthetic value to your performance. These controllers have backlit keyboards that generate LED lights that lighten up your presentation. Besides that, they have multiple features and capabilities enabling you to boost sound quality without necessarily having all the instruments.  

Unlike other controllers, these keyboards have pads, switches, and mini wheels to help you boost sound depth, quality, and pitch, making it one of the best MIDI controllers. Every key has multiple functions, depending on whether you strike, glide, lift, or press.

Yamaha MX 49 

Yamaha has a long history of high performance, and you should expect that from this MIDI synthesizer. To maintain Yamaha’s versatility, it has digital and analog connectivity ports, allowing you to support extra devices to control DAWs and VSTs. Besides, it has over 1000 MOTIF voices, making your work more accessible once you begin your performance.  

If you are worried about the cost, it is one of the most affordable MIDI controllers for beginners. This is the best portable MIDI controller for beginners on the road for your music tour.  

Akai Professional MPK Mini MK III 

You need a small portable keyboard to perform all your needs when performing as a solo artist. Despite being one of the smallest keyboards, it has knobs, wheels, pads, and 25-velocity keys to boost your presentation. It also has an inbuilt arpeggiator, making it one of the most potent mini MIDI controllers. It may look a little cramped, but all the features are given enough space to allow your hand to navigate as you sing.   

Rolland Go-6K 

Carrying a keyboard around may be challenging, especially for street performances; therefore, you need something smaller and portable. This is your best option as it resembles the traditional keyboard but has more functionality. You can easily change parameters like the pitch and use filters to boost the sound quality and wow your audience at a show. Packed with over 500 sounds, sometimes you have to select a sound and allow it to play repeatedly as you perform.  

Arturia KeyLab Mk II 61 

Despite being slightly more prominent, this is the controller you must have when performing in large crowds. It has features like 16 drum pads, 61 hammer action keys, 13 encoders, and after-touch keys to make your performance powerful. Aside from the physical attributes, the software capabilities mainly integrated by the Analog Lab Software make it perfect for virtual devices.  

Akai Professional Advance 49 

This is another Akai keyboard controller that you can buy for your presentation. It is slightly bigger with room for more features and keys. It also has more software capabilities to connect to the extra equipment you need for your presentation. With a full-color display and lit keys, you can see the response and feedback on the display surfaces, enabling you to change your tunes.  

Nord Electro 6D 61 

A smooth transition between your music is ideal for keeping your audience hooked; hence, you need the best controller. This controller has key beds, physical drawbars, and integrated audio instruments to enable you to produce a variety of audio without having the instruments. Packed with optional split point crossfades, a split, and layers, you can easily imitate a DJ booth performance. This makes it suitable for performance, as your audience will hardly notice any changes.  

Nektar Panorama P4 

This controller is just like the traditional keyboard but with extra features like encoders, faders, pads, and buttons to produce an electric performance. All the inbuilt features make it the perfect controller to replace the keyboards for live performance. The pads light up in different colors and ensure you can see the entire keyboard when performing. 

Novation Launch series controllers 

Besides all the traditional instruments, sometimes you need a controller with features to spice up the performance. In that case, this is the best controller to check out. You can use the 24 knobs, 16 buttons, and eight faders to boost the quality of sound from the equipment you already have. It also has the plug and play control; hence, you can use it to perform just with a mobile phone as the extra instrument. 

M-Audio Oxygen Pro 49 

If you are buying the perfect instrument for your music career, you need a versatile one for studio and live performances. Consider this for both needs since it is portable and has more than 50 features to enable you to meet all your needs.


You have a limitless list of MIDI controllers to consider for your performance. Pay attention to the software and hardware features to meet all your performance needs. Also, buy one that is portable and versatile for various uses. Visit for more details: https://99math.net

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