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6 Benefits To Have Custom Envelopes For Your Business In 2024 


Consider the following scenario: you are sorting through the mail and see these two envelopes. What would you choose to open first? Which would you prefer: a plain white envelope or a vibrantly colored one with your name boldly printed? It seems to reason that the brightly colored one bearing the recipient’s name would be the one that gets opened first. 

How long has it been since you received a vibrantly colored envelope? Can you see how a personalized business envelope becomes your go-to advertising tool if it stands out from the crowd and has your name? 

Custom printed envelopes – what are they? 

Standard custom-printed company christmas cards are what you’d expect them to be. Despite their unusual shape and size, these envelopes are perfect for storing papers such as letters, brochures, flyers, and leaflets. 

The ideal size for a custom-printed envelope fits the contents snugly. Additionally, the materials used to construct it will be chosen by you with care. Your company’s and brand’s unique style is available in multiple colors, shapes, cuts, and patterns. 

Here are six reasons why your company should use personalized envelopes: 

You get the option to select the quality of the paper used 

You may also choose an appropriate paper grade to impress the persons or groups that will receive your letters. Your envelopes should preferably be custom-printed upon a durable material that complements your overall brand image and the letter’s paper quality. 

You will need a material that enhances the appeal of your wrapped message while also making it appear classy and sophisticated. Furthermore, if you are an environmentally concerned organization, you must make the appropriate eco-friendly decision. 

Choice of Shelf Life 

The three main envelope types have varying shelf life. This is usually done to preserve the glue on each kind. Thus, a wet glue, such as the pressure-sensitive gum used on Self-Seal envelopes, would have significantly shorter longevity than a dry glue used on Gummed envelopes or a protected wet glue behind a waxy strip on the rest. 

Not everyone enjoys licking a standard gummed envelope with a water-soluble gum strip created from Dextrin-based adhesives derived from potato or maize starch, making it safe to lick. 

Another type is created from Gum Arabic, derived from tree sap; however, the flavor is different, so custom envelopes currently account for most of the market. Nowadays, it is mainly exclusively used on machined envelopes. 

The typical envelope shelf life for each of all three types of glued flaps is: 

  • GUMMED—1 year or more. 
  • SELF-SEAL (also known as “Press Seal”) — six to twelve months 
  • PEEL AND SEAL – 5 years 


People get a thrill out of being called by name. When building relationships with business associates, personalization is key. Your consumers and clients will feel more connected to you when they see that you take the time to get to know them.

“Keep in mind that the sound of one’s name is the most precious and meaningful sound in any tongue to that individual.”

Direct mail is a great way to build rapport with recipients, so do your best to customize it. Customers value this gesture of politeness and appreciation. 

Capturing Focus 

This one is pretty straightforward. Graphics and things with color stand out. Marketing aims to attract potential customers by showing them how your product or service may improve their lives.

A design can elicit a yes, no, or WOW reaction. You should strive for “wow.” Thanks to Milton Glaser 

“Go for the WOW!” was the wisest advice given by Milton Glaser. The show-stopper is the custom-made envelope. Their allure is similar to that of an attractive work of art. People will see, read, and—most importantly—remember your message. Use Custom Envelopes to your benefit while advertising. 

You are provided with many choices. 

When you choose custom printing envelopes, many possibilities open up to you. You may choose from several sizes, papers, and flap styles to make the best, most tailored version for your specific business. 

Personalized printed envelopes, innovative board-backed envelopes, cushioned airbags, eco-friendly and biodegradable options, and more are all at your fingertips with the help of online design editors. A reliable company will give you multiple options and help you make the best decision based on your requirements. 

Range of sizes available. 

Despite how insignificant it seems at first glance, the size of an enclosure plays a pivotal role in creating the right impression on clients. The letter’s content will determine whether you need to increase or decrease the size. The printing service also offers the option to discuss your needs in detail and receive expert recommendations regarding the optimal envelope size. 

A matching design for letterhead or compliment slips 

Personalized printed envelopes featuring your logo are a great way to coordinate the look and feel of your letterhead and compliment slips. Keeping the same logo, color scheme, and typeface will give you the desired effect. 

Maintaining a unified style across all of your stationery can boost brand recognition and make your content more engaging. 

In the end!

Using custom envelopes, you can make memorable connections with customers, draw their attention with eye-catching colors and designs, and convey your advertising message more creatively and memorably. Visit for more details: https://99math.net

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