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Trails Carolina Exposed: Unveiling Disturbing Stories


Trails Carolina, a wilderness therapy program, is designed to help troubled teens overcome challenges and build resilience through outdoor experiences. While many participants find the program beneficial, there have been reports of disturbing incidents and controversies that have raised concerns about the safety and effectiveness of Trails Carolina. In this expose, we delve into some of the horror stories associated with the program, shedding light on the darker side of wilderness therapy.

Allegations of Abuse

Numerous accounts have surfaced, accusing Trails Carolina of subjecting participants to emotional and physical abuse. Former participants and their families have shared harrowing stories of verbal mistreatment, humiliation, and even instances of physical harm during their time in the program. These allegations have sparked investigations and legal actions against Trails Carolina, questioning the ethical practices of the organization.

Lack of Professional Oversight

One of the major criticisms leveled against Trails Carolina is the alleged absence of qualified mental health professionals overseeing the therapeutic aspects of the program. Concerns have been raised about the qualifications of staff members and their ability to handle the complex mental health issues that many participants bring to the wilderness therapy setting. This has led to questions about the overall effectiveness and safety of the therapeutic interventions provided.

Controversial Treatment Methods

Trails Carolina employs a variety of therapeutic techniques, including outdoor activities and group therapy sessions. However, some former participants argue that certain methods used in the program are controversial and potentially harmful. Reports of isolation, forced confrontations, and other confrontational techniques have fueled the debate about whether these methods are appropriate for vulnerable individuals, especially considering the lack of professional oversight.

Program Accountability

Critics argue that Trails Carolina lacks transparency and accountability when it comes to addressing complaints and concerns raised by participants and their families. Allegedly, families facing issues during or after the program have encountered obstacles when seeking redress or clarification from Trails Carolina. This lack of accountability raises questions about the organization’s commitment to the well-being of its participants.

Impact on Participants

Beyond the immediate concerns about alleged mistreatment, some former participants claim that the Trails Carolina experience had long-lasting negative effects on their mental health. Those who underwent the program, raising doubts about the lasting benefits of the wilderness therapy model.


While Trails Carolina may have helped some troubled teens, the horror stories emerging from former participants and their families raise serious questions about the program’s safety, ethics, and efficacy. As controversies surrounding wilderness therapy programs continue to surface, it becomes imperative to reevaluate the industry standards and regulatory oversight to ensure the well-being of vulnerable individuals seeking help. The focus should shift towards creating an environment that promotes healing and growth without compromising the mental and emotional health of those in need.

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