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HL: Dining Deals On Top Restaurants

Hey fellow Delhiites! Are you as obsessed with delicious experiences as I am? Craving that melt-in-your-mouth appetizer, perfectly spiced main course, and a decadent dessert that lingers on your palate long after the last bite? Heart wants Michelin-starred flavors but your wallet scream From casual cafes to fine-dining establishments, there’s something for everyone.s “instant noodles”? But let’s be honest, indulging in top restaurants can sometimes leave our wallets feeling thin.

I recently embarked on a delightful culinary adventure without breaking the bank. On shopping for restaurant gift Vouchers with HDFC Credit Cards & Debit Cards, I got up to 5X Reward Points & 5% Cashback on top of exciting discounts.

Buckle up, because I’m sharing my insider tips on how to score amazing deals at some of the top restaurants in town:

First stop: Barbeque Nation.

Craving some sizzling kebabs and melt-in-your-mouth grills? Barbeque Nation was my first port of call. The aroma itself was enough to set my stomach rumbling. But the real magic happened when I whipped out my Barbeque Nation Vouchers. Got them from HDFC SmartBuy using my Infinia Card at a flat 7.5% OFF, and Boom! The already-reasonable buffet tasted even yummier and I even earned Reward Points/Cashback worth ₹ 225. Talk about a feast fit for a king (or queen, in my case)!

Next up, the amazing Cafe Delhi Heights

My love affair with Cafe Delhi Heights is no secret. The ambiance is trendy, the food is innovative, and the rooftop views are simply stunning. From their drool-worthy Butter Chicken Pizza to their innovative cocktails, every dish is a flavor explosion. And guess what? I received FLAT 7.5% extra savings on purchasing a Cafe Delhi Heights Voucher from HDFC SmartBuy along with 5X Reward Points! Now I indulge in that extra slice of pizza without guilt!

Costa Coffee: Perfect Perk-Up

Sometimes, all you need is a caffeine fix and a cozy ambiance. Costa Coffee never disappoints. But what truly perked me up was that 5% discount I got on buying Costa Coffee Vouchers. So, I grabbed my favorite Latte, settled into a comfy armchair, and enjoyed a blissful reading session, all thanks to these amazing deals on top Restaurants!

Mainland China: A Culinary Journey to the Orient

Calling all fans of authentic Chinese cuisine! Mainland China transports you to the heart of Asia with its delectable dimsums, flavorful stir-fries, and lip-smacking Sichuan specialties. The vibrant atmosphere and attentive service only add to the experience. And to make it even more enticing, HDFC SmartBuy offers a delicious 7.5% OFF and Reward Points worth ₹ 750 on Mainland China Vouchers, making your culinary adventure to China even more budget-friendly.

Last but not least: Beer Cafe – Cheers to Good Times!

Embarking on a delightful evening at Beer Cafe, my discounted vouchers added an extra layer of joy to the experience. The ambiance was vibrant, creating the perfect backdrop for a laid-back time with friends. The menu showcased an impressive array of beers and delectable bites. The discounted vouchers not only made the choices more enjoyable but also brought a sense of savings. It was a personalized touch to the evening, blending great company, a lively atmosphere, and the satisfaction of a good deal. Cheers to memorable moments and the magic of discounted Beer Cafe vouchers!

Beer Cafe is your one-stop shop for all things hoppy and happy! With an extensive selection of beers from around the world and a menu that pairs perfectly with every sip, this is the ideal spot to unwind and catch up with friends. 

I got FLAT 2.5% OFF on Beer Cafe Vouchers from the HDFC SmartBuy and made my beer parties budget-friendly! 

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the HDFC SmartBuy Instant Vouchers platform to unlock delicious deals on top restaurants in and around Delhi. Happy exploring, and remember, good food doesn’t have to be expensive. Visit for more details: 99math

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